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Quest For Knowledge

Arts and Architecture

Patrons Lifestyle


Trade and Exploration

Science and Technology




  Jacopo di Cione: Madonna and Child in Glory   Black Death
Inventions Galore


  Follower of Pietro Lorenzetti: Madonna and Child Enthroned with Angels
Giovanni del Biondo: Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine Alexandria


Rise of Humanism Oil Paints Introduced
Changing Themese in Art
Florence's First Bank Nation-States for War   van Eyck Invents Oil Paint
Unknown: Tapestry Fragment


  Brunelleschi's Dome
Linear Perspective
Patronage Evolves Growing Cities and Guilds New Plants and Spices Brunelleschi's Hoist
Advances in Engineering


Fall of Constantinople Professional Singers Donatello's David
Franconian School: Miraculous Mass of St. Martin of Tours
Country Villas   The Power of Venice
The Turks Advance
The First World Map
Gutenberg Invents Printing Press
Blast Furnace Improving Navigation


  Bartolomeo Vivarini and Assistant: Saint Bartholomew Jokob the Rich     Heinrich Yselin: Saint Margaret with Dragon
Piero the Mathematician


Aldus founds the Aldine Press
Erasmus writes: In Praise of Folly
Follower of Andrea del Sarto: Madonna and Child
First Ballet High Renaissance Begins
Leonardo's Mona Lisa
Michelangelo's Chapel
Giovanni Agostino da Lodi: Adoration of the Shepherds
Hans von Kulmbach: Adoration of the Magi
Durer's Engraving
Spectacles of the Arts
Social Dancing
Cultivating Music
Follower of Bartolomeo Vivarini: Portrait of a Boy
Clock Time
Dias' Voyage of Discovery
Studio of Quinten Massys: Saint Christopher
Columbus Sails West
da Gama's Voyage of Discovery
America on the Map
Unknown: Fragment of Silk Velvet
Gregor Erhart: Saint Sebastian


More's Utopia
Luther's Theses
Uga da Carpit: Diogenes
Erhard Schon: Portrait of Durer
Anton Woensome von Worms: Suitors of Mary
Guiliano Bugiardini: Madonna and Child with St. John
The Kress Monogrammist: Adoration of the Magi
Unknown: Orphrey Band
Girolamo Romanino: Portrait of a Gentleman
Hans Maler: Portrait of Anton Fugger
Dosso Dossi: Standard Bearer
The Middle Class Emerges
Around the World
Lucas Cranach: Portrait of George, Duke of Saxony
Netherlandish Master: Portrait of a Lady
Mercator's Map
Death of da Vinci
Domineco Beccafumi: Allegori of the Discovery of Metal
Lorenzo Lotto: Saint Jerome Penitent


Copernicus' Revolution Enea Vico: Baccio Bandinelli's Studio
Vasari's Lives of the Artist
  Staples of Life   Paracelsus Dies
Cardano Expounds on Algebra


  Caroso's Manual for Ballerinas Domenico Tintoretto: Portrait of a Venetian Commander John Liefrinck after Peter Brueghel the Elder: The Poor Kitchen
Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre
Annibale Carracci: The Bean Eater
Hendrik Goltzius: Captain of the Infantry, Marching Left
John Liefrinck after Peter Brueghel the Elder: The Rich Kitchen
  Pare, Father of Surgery
Unknown: Chalice


Galileo's Telescope Shakespeare's Macbeth
Negri's Dance Manual
Unknown: Chasuble Jan Muller after Pieter Molyn (Molijn): Harpocrates
End of War?


      Studio of Frans Snyders: Game Stall at Market African Slave Trade  



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