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Can buy you a lot of things...

Food Fancy Clothing Toys

In Renaissance Italy,
money could buy you all that plus something really important:

Create a work of art that proclaims your devotion to:
Yourself, Your City, your God.

Then you'll get the respect you truly deserve as a
Patron of the Arts.

Jester In Renaissance Italy, making money and getting rich was considered sinful—the Catholic Church even banned banks from charging interest on loans! That didn't stop anyone from trying to get rich, of course. And those who got rich usually felt an obligation to give something back to society. A work of art became a popular item for rich bankers and merchants to commission on behalf of their family, their city, or their God.

What do you want your artwork to do for you?

Glorify God
(That's the way to get a rich rascal like yourself into heaven)

Glorify your city
(That's the way to get ahead in politics and power)

Glorify yourself and your family
(That's the way to real immortality)

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